Coro Marketing is a Loyalty Company

Coro Marketing is an all-Italian Loyalty Company. We have been on the market since 1994 with an ever increasing revenue-trend and a team of over 30 professionals.


We listen to the customer, turn on the ideas, develop the products: we create the loyalty experience


We want to turn relationships into emotions

Business Unit

Our activities

Awards catalog

Long-term activities relating to various product areas, with the aim of increasing customer loyalty. By collecting points, the consumer can collect the rewards he wants.


Medium-term activities relating to the creation of an online rewards catalog, aimed at the donation of educational articles and sports equipment to schools and sports associations.

Short collection

Short-term activities relating to a specific product area with the aim of increasing the average receipt and the frequency of visits. Through the collection of stamps or electronic points, the consumer can collect the references involved to complete the collection.


Short-term activities relating to a specific product area with the aim of increasing the average receipt and the frequency of visits. At a predetermined spending threshold, the consumer can collect the premium by paying a small contribution.

Special Promotion

Short-term activities relating to special events characterized by a high level of interest and involvement by children-boys who influence the purchasing behavior of parents and generate positive word of mouth among peers, stimulating the success of the promotion. At a predetermined spending threshold, the consumer can collect the prize.

Super Special Promotion

Short term activity. This promotional type is characterized, unlike the special, in that the consumer is asked to collect the prize, upon reaching the pre-established spending threshold, for a small monetary contribution. This proposal works on the great perceived value of the prize which must have characteristics of significant brand awareness, intrinsic quality and high perceived value.


Activities aimed at increasing sales in the promotional period and developing brand awareness to increase traffic on the points of sale involved. Furthermore, the creation of a customer database allows subsequent use for direct marketing and / or profiling activities.

Strategic Advice

Tailor-made strategic consultancy activities, to support both b2b and b2c business models, for the achievement of marketing and communication objectives, encouraging sell-out, sell-in, trade, sales forces, distributors, promoting purchases in stores, online, in branches, in large-scale distribution, in dealerships and building loyalty in the relationship with the customer base.


Our services, managed by dedicated staff, are transversal for all our three business units as they support all the projects that Coro Marketing places on the market. This is the summary.


Marketing strategy that emphasizes the generation and realization of a corporate value shared with the customer.


Our goal is to get to the customer’s heart. For this reason, we believe it is essential for each campaign to develop a specific storytelling that allows the company to get in touch with the consumer by engaging him with a persuasive narrative of proposal.

Search for rewards

Product scouting and ad hoc reward selection for each customer. Personalized prizes with silk-screen printing, also online.

Mechanical design

Budget definition, study of mechanics and innovation, forecast of rewards and redemption.

POP creativity and development

Study and development of the project’s creativity declined in all adaptations.

Regulations and technical plans

Production of administrative documentation and preparation of technical plans.

Logistic management

Own warehouse with radio frequency system, Cedi, point of sale and home deliveries, Cross-docking deliveries.


To translate the strategy into efficient and functional user interfaces (desktop and mobile) and back-end management, both from a SAAS perspective and with ad hoc custom developments, as well as through a mix of proprietary solutions and third-party partners.


Useful activity for more efficient project management through periodic monitoring with performance and results measurement, reporting, data analysis and forecasting.


Attività di comunicazione personalizzata che segue il ciclo di vita di relazione del cliente con la marca.

Customer care

Dedicated program manager for managing the operation, receiving orders and planning deliveries.


Digital collections and competitions, implementation with Social and creation of App and AR.


Use of gaming techniques to increase engagement and loyalty, create brand awareness and make the user experience more engaging.


Programming of events and events organized to raise funds for charity.


Set of activities related to the acquisition or expansion of new online markets through a network of well-organized sites.


Thanks to our countless relationships with companies, we facilitate collaboration between actors of any nature. We carry out projects starting from the client’s marketing objectives and creating added value to the partners who share the path.

Travel agency

We enrich the marketing activities of our customers with “contamination” of travel that further increases their relevance, attractiveness, social and digital activities. We offer a service that saves time and money for the purchase of holidays and travel.

Cultural ticketing agency

An innovative ticketing proposal with the aim of making culture more accessible with access to the best museums and attractions in the world. A value-added proposition for the company that can become revenue generation.



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