REGALI DEL CUORE is the name of the new Short Collection for the Unes stores participating in the initiative, a promotion active from 01 April until 29 August 2021, conceived and managed exclusively by Coro Marketing, which will allow shoppers with a small cost of 10 euros to participate in the points collection.

Thanks to the initiative, the shopper will be able to treat himself to multiple items for the home and for animal friends and will also have the opportunity to make a gesture of solidarity in favor of the “ONLUS INSIEME PER FILY”, an association that carries out charity and social&health care assistance for children and young people affected by tumors and their families.

The shopper can choose from multiple items:


Lunch box Ping Pong – Koziol

Wine cooler – Koziol

Cutting board – Koziol

Set of 4 champagne glasses – Koziol

Glass lid – Salutella

Induction pan – Salutella

Induction wok – Salutella

Casserole with 2 handles – Salutella

Induction grill – Salutella



Charging and data-transfer cable with triple connector – Vipfan

Rechargeable speaker with bluetooth microphone, MP3 player, woofer led karaoke function – Karma

USB headset with microphone for video calls and D.A.D – Karma

UV sterilizable box with wireless charger – Karma



Waterproof Mosquito-repellent Cooling Mat – Flair Pet

Paw scratching post with sound ball – Flair Pet

Oval cushion “Fragrance” – Croci