CRAI, on Coro Marketing projects in the context of initiatives related to social and environmental responsibility called #CRAI PER L’AMBIENTE, launches a 100% sustainable promotion.

 The product, the packaging and the related social activity certify the company’s “green” DNA to the CRAI customer.

 The new promotion, active until 04 September 2021, allow shoppers with a small purchase of 15 euros to participate in the collection of points.

 As a gift, an exclusive line of eco-sustainable bath clothes signed My Style Home, illustrious name of Italian textiles.

 The communication campaign, also planned with telepromotions on RAI television channels, has as its message “La Natura ti aiuta, tu aiuti la Natura” (“Nature helps you, you help Nature”).

With the My Style Home collection, the customer can treat himself to a line of bath clothes in pure natural cotton made with natural fibers from organic farming. The products are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the most important international standard for the sustainable production of garments and textile products that guarantees responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector.

Even the packaging in which customers find the product is eco-sustainable.

For the first time, for the packaging of a promotional reference, PLA is used, a plastic made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable plant material, ethical as well, meaning that it does not subtract food resources useful for human nutrition.

This packaging is certified by OK Compost TuV Austria, an international certification body that guarantees compliance with the European standard EN 13432 on compostability in industrial composting plants.

This is a new chapter on attention to the environment as it ensures the transformation of waste into a resource.

In addition, for each promotional item that the shopper will collect, NETTARE will receive € 0.10 for the protection of bees in danger of extinction by participating in the “Pollinate the planet” program with the startup 3Bee which has already protected 70 million bees.

Bees, due to pesticides, pollution, diseases and climate change, are in danger of extinction with a decrease of the species by 70% in the last 30 years.

Bees are essential not only for the survival of many plant species but also for ours. In fact, we know that the pollination action allows the reproduction of many plants, thus maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preserving biodiversity.

 “We are very proud” declared Corrado Marchetti, owner of Coro Marketing. “To have developed in collaboration with CRAI a distinctive promotional project that raises awareness among the Italian population on environmental protection, certifying CRAI’s commitment to sustainability”.