Given the success of the “Di Più per la scuola” activity, this year we are pleased to present the new edition of “Di Più per lo sport”.


The “Di Più per lo sport” initiative reflects DPiù’s tangible commitment to improving the quality of the amateur sports associations that will participate in the project.

 The operation, designed and managed for the second year by Coro Marketing, will be active until May 30, 2021, following the following mechanics:

 for every 10 euro spent in the stores participating in the initiative, customers will receive 1 stamp. Once the necessary number of stamps has been reached, shoppers will bring them to their sports association which will collect the prize.

 To participate in “Di Più per lo sport”, sports associations can register for free on the website, by filling in the appropriate registration area. Once all the stamps necessary to request the prize have been collected, the sports association will be able to place their order on the site no later than 30 September 2021, choosing from the many articles of the suppliers Borgione, Macron, Media Direct, Okeo, Mikasa , Gilbert.

 For more information visit the website

 “With this project”, commented Corrado Marchetti, owner of Coro Marketing, “we can give support to the sports associations that will participate in the initiative. Today, more than ever, these activities are fundamental from a corporate social responsibility perspective and Coro’s experience in the world of fundraising allows Dpiù to experience a strong bond with the territory which represents an inestimable value, which must be carefully safeguarded “.