We at Coro have always been fans of Pinocchio, the Italian character par excellence and ambassador of our creativity in the world. We decided to carry out a project involving the “Carlo Collodi National Foundation”, owner of the authentic Pinocchio, and Brandani, a producer who has always been attentive to Italian traditions, and deeply rooted in the Tuscan land.

The Pinocchio breakfast set in new bone china porcelain was born from this trait d’union, colorful and fun, decorated with the designs of all the characters in the story and packaged in a gift box.

But it does not end here! Educational activities can be attached to the collection. Pinocchio is the perfect testimonial, the embodiment of the will to grow and mature; learning from his mistakes and avoiding to replicate mistakes, he succeeds in realizing his dream: to become a real child.

Pinocchio is back! It conquered the first page of the “Il Venerdì” of Repubblica, at the end of 2019 the film that everyone spoke about was released, the musical “Pinocchio Reloaded” was reviewed as the biggest theatrical novelty of 2020, the publishing houses are re-editing in modern key various graphic novels and comics.

For more information on the breakfast set and educational activities, contact us: marketing@coromarketing.it