33,800 plastic bottles are thrown into our Mediterranean sea every minute*. Worldwide, 1 million plastic bottles are sold per minute, with a dispersion that constitutes a serious danger to the ecosystem. Less than half will be recycled and only 7% will live a new life as plastic bottles.

 A huge part of it risks ending up in the seas, threatening the ecosystem. The problem of plastics is now as serious as climate change. An important American scientific magazine (Environmental research letters) states that to create a pet bottle, bottle water, transport and keep a bottle cool, it takes about 2000 times the energy needed to obtain the same amount of water. from a tap connected to the aqueduct.

 The Mediterranean is forced to accept 731 tons of plastic waste every day, which could quadruple by 2050.

 Let’s make a small contribution to the sustainability of our planet.

 The use of a quality bottle saves money, is good for the environment and is an aesthetically appealing object with a real explosion of colors that transmits great brightness.

 Coro Marketing offers you a water bottle line in double wall stainless steel (304 internal / 201 external), cap in steel + bamboo, with a capacity of 750 ml, base diameter of about 8 cm and a height of about 26.5 cm.

 You will have the opportunity to customize both the body of the bottle with your Company Logo or an image of your choice, and the bamboo cap. A unique product of its kind, which can go from a resistant and trendy bottle to a furnishing object.

 For more information, write to: marketing@coromarketing.it



* Official source: WWF website