Also this year the new promotion for the Conté “Nature” and Puntoé “Eco-Catalog” catalogs of the Perrone Group is designed and managed by Coro Marketing, a specialist in catalog design for more than 25 years.

The new Conté and Puntoé Catalogs are sustainable, because they are designed in a responsible way, following what is ethically right. For this reason, some products can be recycled, reused or simply returned to the cycle of nature. As the saying goes, a product that comes from Nature wants to go back to Nature.

For Perrone shoppers, choosing a prize from Conté “Nature” catalog and Puntoé “Eco-Catalog” will be the most natural thing in the world; a pleasant experience and a gesture of common sense useful for the planet that we will leave to our children.

For Puntoé and Conté, “sustainability” also means, and especially at this time, privileging Made in Italy products to boost consumption and support the entire supply chain of our businesses.

Within the catalogs, “sustainable” products are marked with a stamp and by choosing these prizes you are helping to safeguard the planet!

These products respect one or more of these peculiarities: recycling, reuse, recovery, anti-waste, disposal, zero impact, energy efficiency, Italian production capable of supporting the circular economy of our country.

 From 6 January to 23 October 2021, the Customer of the Conté and Puntoé stores, adhering to the “Nature” and “Eco-Catalog” initiatives, will be credited with an electronic point directly on the Fidelity Card for every 5 euro spent (for points of sale without a Fidelity Card, a paper stamp will be given).

 Participants will be able to request the chosen prizes until 8 November 2021 at the cash desk or at the “Information Point” of the Point of Sale.

 The complete regulation is filed and can be consulted at the stores participating in the initiative.